Activities may be changed or cancelled without notice, only when necessary.

Where activities are:
AR= Activity Room
CH= Chapel
RV= Room Visits
CH DR= Chapel Dining Room
U2/U3 DR= Unit 2/Unit 3 Dining Room

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Events for September 2021

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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

10:00 Music in the Courtyard

2:00 Mocktail Hour- AR

7:00 Name that Song!- U3DR

10:30 Music in Chapel with Dan Chapman

11:00 Chapel

2:00 Bingo- AR

10:00 Bugle Pass & Chat

2:00 Pretty Nails- AR

10:00 Name that Smell- AR

2:00 Old Time TV- AR

7:00 Dog Visits with Bogart- RV

Skyscraper Day

10:00 Chair Yoga- AR

2:00 Skyscraper Jeopardy- CY

National Bacon Day

10:00 Hangman- U3DR

2:00 Bacon Trivia- AR

National Cheese Pizza Day

10:00 Wii Bowling- AR

2:00 Cheese Pizza Rolls- AR


2:00 Horseshoes- AR

10:30 Music in Chapel

11:00 Chapel

2:00 Bracelet Making- AR

7:00 Movie & Popcorn- AR

7:00 am-4:00 pm Scrub Show

10:00 Happy Feet- U2DR

2:00 Nature Walk- RV

10:00 Coffee Times in Main DR

2:00 Room to Room- RV

7:00 Homemade Sugar Hand Scrub- AR

National Swap Idea’s Day

10:00 October Calendar Planning Meeting- AR

2:00 Quarter Bingo- AR

10:00 Meditation, Music & Stretches- AR

2:00 Card Writing- RV

National Chocolate Milkshake Day

10:00 Pictionary- AR

2:00 Chocolate Milk Shakes- AR

National Peanut Butter Day

10:00 Resident Council- AR

2:00 Peanut Butter Surprise- AR

10:30 Music in Chapel

11:00 Chapel

2:00 Chocolate Covers Pretzels for Staff made by the Residents

7:00 Sunflower Painting- AR

10:00 Table Ball- AR

2:00 Ice Cream Social (Toppings Served by Residents for Staff)- AR

National Play Dough Day

10:00 Card Games- AR

2:00 Golf Cart Rides- RV

7:00 Let’s Make Play Dough- AR

10:00 Happy Feet- AR

2:00 Bingo- AR

National Cheeseburger Day

10:00 Cheeseburger Trivia- AR

2:00 Room to Room- RV

10:00 Dance Party- AR

2:00 Butterscotch Pudding Making- AR

10:00 Brainteasers and Jokes- U3DR

2:00 Fruit Picnic- CY

National Miniature Golf Day

10:30 Music in Chapel

11:00 Chapel

2:00 Mini Golf- AR

7:00 Movie & Popcorn- AR

10:00 Checkers- CY

1:30 Ice Cream Truck for Staff & Residents

2:00 Men’s Group- AR

3:30 Coloring Packets- RV

10:00 Sit and Be Fit- CY

2:00 Halloween Craft- AR

4:30 Dog Visits with Bogart- RV

6:00 Blessing Ball Supper- AR

10:00 Sit and Sip- CY

2:00 Bingo- AR

National Comic Book Day

National Hunting & Fishing Day

10:00 Comic Book Coloring- AR

2:00 Fishing- AR

10:00 Coffee & Donuts- RV

2:00 Cornhole- AR

10:00 Bunco- U3

2:00 Golf Cart Rides- RV

10:30 Music in Chapel

11:00 Chapel

2:00 Nature Walk- RV

7:00 Music with Trudy Rose- AR

10:00 Volleyball- AR

2:00 Arm Chair Travel- AR

10:00 Spa Day- AR

2:00 Photoshoot- AR

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